My current project is called Jayu, a transformational game aiming to raise awareness of average life in North Korea. The game is presented as an isometric RPG, with a lot of dialogue and branching story elements, and challenges the player (who plays as a mother) to survive (with her family) ... Read more »

Computer Graphics (CMU 15-662)

A collection of images generated by programs written by me (in C++) for my Computer Graphics assignments. 1 . OpenGL wave surface: The surface vertices are modified each frame to give the appearance of waves in water. 2 . Surface Subdivision: For extra credits, came up with a custom adjacency data structure ... Read more »

Autodesk - Training Mission

Autodesk - Training Mission Splash Screen

I interned at Autodesk over the summer, and was working with 2 other interns (my classmates, co-incidentally; another programmer and an UX designer) to build a narrative driven training experience of Autodesk products. We were working with InfraWorks, a city planning and engineering software, mostly because it was the closest ... Read more »

Ethics and Shooters

War and Peace

A recent talk pointed towards the pervasiveness of violence, and predominantly gun violence, in video games as a medium. It drew attention to the prevailing notion that this is desensitizing gamers to violence. Why is violence such a prevalent mechanism for carrying a narrative? Many storytellers have the fabled Hero's ... Read more »

The Art Of Difficulty

Dark Souls

The Souls series developed by From Software is easily considered one of the most difficult games of the generation. And yet, where absurd difficulty in most games are considered bad, From Software manages to weild difficulty as a tool to add further texture to their intricately crafted worlds, rather than ... Read more »

Rocket Sandbox

Project SANDBOX was an iterative 4 month Spring 2014 initiative at the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) tasked with bridging the gap between young children, their families, science content, and maker culture. Together with the New York Hall of Science and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, SANDBOX ... Read more »

OX Cubed

Made during the 2014 Global Game Jam in 48 hours. It is a 3D Tic Tac Toe puzzle game, where the players must consider the consequences of placing their mark on THREE different boards at the same time. A point is counted as a tic-tac-toe that is visible in one ... Read more »

Trinity Tower Defense

A world built in 2 weeks for round 5 of the Building Virtual Worlds course at ETC. Our aim was to create a visually striking 3-player world in the CAVE, the main aim being getting the players to look around the cave and cooperate by communicating among themselves. The CAVE ... Read more »


A world built in 3 weeks for round 4 of the Building Virtual Worlds course at ETC. The focus was on a strong impactful narrative while still building an interactive experience. The story follows the Mars Curiosity Rover, who one day is unable to connect to NASA. All uplink to ... Read more »

What EVE Online does right

Fleet battle in EVE Online

I recently started playing a trial of EVE Online, an MMO sandbox set in space. After about a week of playing, I found myself really liking it, and started trying to articulate why I felt it was good, especially compared to many other MMOs that I have played and let ... Read more »

Flying Squirrel Delivering A Pizza... Game

A world built in 2 weeks for round 2 of Building Virtual Worlds course at ETC. The focus was to build a fun game for "naive guests", i.e., non-gamers, and the goal was to make the controls and the goals in the game itself intuitive enough so the guest ... Read more »

Smuggler's Burn

A world built in 1 week for round 3 of Building Virtual Worlds course at ETC. The focus to build a fun and replayable experience. In the game, you control a smuggler ship trying to get through an asteroid field to a planet on the other side. You have a ... Read more »

My first publicly useful code

Ragnarok Online

Way back in 2008, I was playing my first MMO, and the boring grind naturally forced a lazy guy like me to look for ways to automate the tedious work. Thus was born my first set of useful pseudocodes, tiny almost-English scripts which modified a state machine (a python codebase ... Read more »